Robbi Hartford​

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Some people say they hate their job. I don't. After seeing literally hundreds of thousands of patients, there is still a little sense of adventure. I'm never far from the next patient who will amaze me.  I am a nurse, a writer, a dancer, a traveler, and a lover of the beach.

I'm a contributing author for, the largest online nursing community, and my articles on the site are widely read and shared through various online venues.

"Anonymous Complaint," which was inspired by actual events, is my only book so far. One critic asked how much of the content was embellished for the sake of the story. The truth is that I probably did more watering down than embellishing. Life in the ER can be wild and raw. For a brief period, my life outside the ER was an equal match. My disclaimer is accurate, but the book draws heavily on actual experiences.

Due to my writing relationships in other areas, I prefer to keep my demographic information and personal life private.

The world as I see it:
The majority of the people in our world are decent enough, kind most of the time, and want the same things. Good people are not all good, and bad people are not all bad.​
Healthcare Providers
Most of us chose this profession because we care about people and we like to help. We don't need to be pushed to increase patient satisfaction. It's in our genes. It's why we signed up. 
Top HEAVY and out of touch. Overregualtion and litigation have largely destroyed comon sense,making the delivery of healthcare clumsy and wasteful.