Robbi Hartford​

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I am an author for, the largest online nursing community, under the user name RobbiRN. My stated purpose is to push back against the forces that assail common sense in our workplace, and my articles are widely discussed and shared through social media. Due to this relationship, I prefer to keep specific personal and demographic information private.

My first book, "Anonymous Complaint," which was inspired by actual events, quietly targets risks posed by government overreach, taking a few potshots at "government's clumsy, misdirected regulation of healthcare." 

My second book is slated for for publication in November. "A Day Without Nurses" is a timely onslaught against our abysmal failure to fix a failing healthcare system. A few very wealthy people profit while everyone else loses, and three million nurses are caught in the crossfire. The nation's lives are literally in our hands. Those in control have always banked, literally, on us never leveraging this power to force change. They were wrong. Anger escalates, resolve deepens, and the most trusted profession adopts a clear agenda, rallies popular support, draws a line in the sand, and declares the unthinkable: A Day Without Nurses.

The world as I see it:
The majority of the people in our world are decent enough, kind most of the time, and want the same things. Good people are not all good, and bad people are not all bad.​
Healthcare Providers
Most of us chose this profession because we care about people and we like to help. We don't need to be pushed to increase patient satisfaction. It's in our genes. It's why we signed up. 
Top HEAVY and out of touch. Overregualtion and litigation have largely destroyed comon sense,making the delivery of healthcare clumsy and wasteful.