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As of April 17, 2018 Anonymous Complaint is averaging over 4.5 stars  with a combined total of 87 ratings and 44 reviews:

" A Perfect Summer Read. Anonymous Complaint is the perfect travel or beach companion: entertaining, suspenseful, and thought provoking. The main character is Robbi, a highly professional ER nurse who has fallen into a contented routine of work interspersed with leisure time at the beach. Suddenly her life changes when she finds herself the target of someone trying to wreak havoc on both her professional and her personal life. From the outset, the story moves along quickly and offers a number of intriguing coincidences and plot twists that keep the reader closely involved. Who is targeting Robbi and why? Is her life in danger? As Robbi tries to make sense of all that is happening, we meet a number of major players in her life ranging from co-workers and gal pals to the mysterious Bucket Man she frequently encounters on the beach. We also get a fascinating look into some of the inner workings of a hospital ER from a nurse's perspective. All in all, I found Anonymous Complaint to be an excellent read. Ms. Hartford deserves five stars for this first novel." - Helen 

"Great writing . . . The author is candid, open, and spares no one, including herself, from honest accounting of these events. I recommend this book highly." - Desmodia

"I felt as if I were in the story. Not only did it capture my attention, but a wide range of emotiongs . . ." - Donna

"I found Anonymous Complaint to be truly genuine. . .. We have no idea what other people are going through. I like Robbi's 'lifelong belief that most people are decent enough" and her father's wisdom that "Not much will matter when we get to the end of the trail exept that we learned to love some people well.' There is some humor, some suspense, and a lot of interpersonal relationship dynamics . . . . a very realistic and enjoyable read." - Ann

""The author does a great job of adding a bit of romance along with suspense, encouraging you to read one more chapter, then another one more chapter...  Looking forward to reading the next book from this author." - Bill

"This was a story of despair and determination with events I wasn't expecting. . . . An overall good read." - Lori

"The story portrays many challenges in an ER setting. . . . Robbi needs to stay strong for her patients while dealing with her own personal crisis. Robbi's character is lovable, and you want to keep turning the pages to see what happens next."- Sammy

"I couldn't put it down!!! . . . love the deatail and emotions the author portrays in her role as a caregiver." - Lecia

"I could not put this book down . . . the epitome of a page turner. I have recommended this book to all my friends. I was sorry when the story eneded and would love to see more books by this gifted author." - James

"Very well thought out and well paced. Intruguing story idea and a valid representation of ER life." - GD

"This story has some unexpected plot twists and food for thought. One aspect I liked especially is that as our heroine goes through uncontrollable and unwarrented harrasment, she becomes more consciously aware of stresses and possible motivations of her patients. Situations which might have tempted her toward being inwardly impatient or juedgemental in the past now inspire her towrad greater understanding and compassion." - R Johnson 

"Totally believable story and extremely good storytelling. . . . And a surpise ending that I wasn't expecting." - G Branum

"Robbi shares experiences from her heart that show what it means. . . to give 100% while putting personal issues on a shelf, humanizing the professional. She shares patients' reactions to her bold, straightforward approaches to solving problems at work, but she has a harder time solving her own personal struggles...The dark cloud extending from the anonymous complaints quietly builds suspense as Robbi's perspective evolves and her trust is shaken. Seeing how quickly her own life unravels, she finds herself less judgmental of others. The various side issues in Robbi's daily life add interest. The Bucket Man was one of my favorite characters, personifying random people who significantly impact our lives. Having listened to 35 audio books in the last 8 months for audio rehab after cochlear implant surgery, I found the story-line and the variety of distinct voices, sound effects, and snatches of music to be a welcome change." - Audible Listener

"A Creative Departure from the Norm: I readily admit that some listeners may not care for this performance. Unlike the single, polished, professional voice common to the industry, this performance employs thirty-five unique voices to create genuine, sometimes raw, personalities. Some are quirky or carry heavy accents, but each voice articulates the character in a way I found compatible with the events which inspired the book. 

The story is told from a first person point of view, and Allison V. Chillingworth shifts nimbly from narrator to actress, telling the story while interacting with the other characters. There are whole chapters which rely solely on vocal performance, but some scenes include background sounds or music. If you don't care for the ER backgrounds used in the free sample or generally find music a distraction, this may not be the book for you.

The written versions of the story have been well reviewed on Amazon and goodreads. Haremonics Audio was courageous enough to try something different with the audio version. If you find the story appealing, and you are open to trying a departure from the norm, you might thoroughly enjoy this creative adventure. I downloaded it through audible and love the way it sounds on my iPhone." - Robbi